Listening to Children’s Voice at Longhill Primary School

The children’s voice is extremely powerful at our school and the children know that their ideas and views are listened to and acted upon.
The children’s voice can be heard in two significant ways:

Head Boy and Head Girls

At Longhill Primary we have a Head Boy and Deputy Head Boy with a Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl. It is the job of these children to lead by example and help ensure the behaviours and attitudes of all the children in school are outstanding.

The children meet with Mr Batty on a regular basis to discuss any ways to make the school even better. They are also managing directors of our Longhill shop which is in place to promote and reward excellent behaviour and attitudes.

Head Boy for 2019/20 is Josh

Deputy Head Boy for 2019/20 is Curtis

Head Girl for 2019/20 is Mia

Deputy Head Girl for 2019/20 is Grace

The School Council

The School Council are elected by the whole school in a formal ballet boxed vote each September. The job of the School Council is to collect the views of the whole school population and discuss ways forward in their meetings.

School Council 2019/20

Year 1 – Lexi and Millie

Year 2 – Bradley and Oscar

Year 3 – Emmanuel and Eve

Year 4 – Alyssa and Connie

Year 5 – Bailey and Mia

Year 6 – Kelsey and Luca