Our Curriculum

At Longhill Primary School we strive to work closely and in partnership with parents and the community to provide a safe, caring and inspiring environment where children are supported, challenged and ready for life in Britain today.

We aim to teach our children how to become excellent learners, once our children have those skills we then allow them the freedom to lead their own learning and excel in areas of their choice.

The foundations of the curriculum at Longhill are built on securing our children’s physical, social and emotional well-being. A healthy body and a healthy mind are key elements in children being able and ready to learn. Longhill primary is a family place and learning alongside family members is strongly promoted and encouraged.

Enjoyment is the key to success, if children want to learn, they will, and we ensure that children have a big voice when it comes to deciding what themes will be focused on. An example of this is in the Summer term where children and staff work together to decide on a theme that they would like to learn about.

Every piece of work the children produce will have a real life purpose which is linked to life in Britain today. We believe that if the children have a goal to aim towards such as a production to the community or writing a blog for a website then their thirst for knowledge will grow and grow!

Teaching & Learning

Teaching and learning in the school is at least good and in some cases outstanding. Children enjoy their learning and teachers teach children in a variety of ways to engage all children. Children’s learning is assessed constantly and children know what they have to do to improve.

Parents are consulted regularly and are encouraged to come in to school to see how their children learn and what they are achieving. All children’s achievements are analysed and interventions are quickly in place where needed and underachievement is challenged.

Children who are particularly gifted or talented are spotted quickly and are given opportunities to excel in these areas be it academia, sport, or the arts and drama.