Lunch menu

Please download our current menu below (effective from 23rd April 2019) :-

Research indicates that the provision of healthy school meals can lead to an improvement in:

  •  Pupil health

  •  Pupil behaviour

  •  Pupil motivation

  •  Ability to learn and achieve

It is true to say that serving healthy school meals by itself is no magic bullet.

It the sum of the parts that make the difference and over the last few years a transformation has been underway in schools to improve children’s knowledge, appreciation and consumption of good food.

Great food is matched by a positive food culture in schools which includes having a whole school food policy, food education, cooking in school, growing food, ‘grow, cook and eat’, a welcoming dining environment, access to palatable drinking water and positive adult role models.

Children are beginning to re-learn the culture of good food and they love it!

Better access to good food at school means better health and improved life chances especially for poorer pupils.

A school meal can often represent the only nutritious meal in a child’s day.

Changing school meals is one example of successful health promotion which enables the’ healthier choice to become the easier choice.’