PSHE Graduate Award

PSHE Graduate Award

This part of the website contains the syllabus for the Longhill Primary School PSHE Graduate Award.

You will need to study all the information presented here.

Staff will help you develop the study skills you need in order to memorise, retain and recall this information.

Once you are confident you can recall this syllabus tell your teacher and they will give you your undergraduate test.

Once you have passed you will receive a badge and be known as an LPS PSHE Graduate!

PSHE Graduate Award

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Example Questions

  • Where is the Palace of Westminster?

  • What are the names of the two Houses of Parliament in which Members sit?

  • How many MPs (Members of Parliament) make up the House of Commons?

  • Describe the Commons Chamber.

  • What is meant by the term ‘hereditary peer’?

  • Who was Prime Minister between 1997 and 2007?

  • What was Churchill’s full name?

  • Tell me two of the Monarch’s main duties.
  • What was unusual about the reign of Edward VIII?

  • Who is currently next in line to the throne?