Our Approach to Mathematics

In addition to following the national curriculum, we use the Big Maths scheme of work.  Big Maths clarifies the relationship between core numeracy and outer numeracy. Core numeracy comprises of the following four essential elements which lead to a person becoming numerate; ‘Counting’, ‘Learn-Its’, ‘It’s Nothing New’ and ‘Calculation’ (CLIC). Outer numeracy is the use of core numeracy across the rest of the maths curriculum.

Big Maths promotes the use of pre-agreed sequences of progression. These simple steps allow connections to be made and any gaps in a child’s understanding to be quickly identified and remedied.

To enhance our pupils’ mental maths skills we use the Rising Stars scheme. This is a weekly, oral test that allows children to check their knowledge and enables staff to identify any areas for development.

Whilst we recognise the importance of mathematics in the classroom, we also emphasise the practical application of skills, helping children understand that maths is an essential part of everyday life.

Please watch our film to see how Big Maths is used across our school :-